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What our pets teach us about life & death

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This presentation invites you to see death in a new light and having a better understanding of the process of dying allows for a change in the way we approach what is commonly seen as the most difficult moment in the lives of our pets. I explore the importance of our emotions, energy and actions in this sacred journey which in turn opens us up to a deeper connection with your animal companions.

Amàra is one of the many protagonists and her story shows  how what to us may seem like a miracle is actually a normal way of dealing with a close call with death. Death was knocking on her door, but she had other ideas. We have much to learn from her experience and the many other four legged beings that share their wisdom with stories in this presentation.

Most of the time, when our pets approach the last phase of their lives, we go into panic and into an automatic way of operating. In this presentation I hope to inspire you to bring the sacred back into the transition.

I also touch on the stages of death by recounting a real life story. So often pets are rushed to the vet at the very last moment as the caring pet parents feels the pet needs help, when really they are already in the active stages of dying  and what they really need is peace to make the best transition. This is the reason it becomes important to recognise these stages.

Euthanasia is the modern day imperative. We are told we are selfish if we don't take this decision with haste. We are told it's the most compassionate thing we can do. But is it?

And lastly I touch on the healing that can come from being with them until the end. How grief no longer grips on to our heart forever but instead transforms into a deeper connection across the veil.

We have the power to support our pets with a peaceful transition. Let me show you how.

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