The Tao Of Caring For Your Dying Pet

How to recognise signs & symptoms at the end-of-life

The Tao Of Caring For Your Dying Pet - Coming soon

How to recognise the signs & symptoms at the end of life on Earth

Whilst my other course “Walk Your Pet Home” prepares you emotionally and spiritually to get ready for your pet’s end-of-life journey, and it’s preferable to take as soon as possible in life, this course will help you more with dealing with the more practical aspects and can be taken when we are already in the process.

Dying doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It’s a journey, not an “on-off” button. Just like it takes time to be born into this life, it takes time to go back “home”. There are physical, emotional and energetic forces that need to prepare and align in order to enable a smooth transition.

Knowing about the process  allows us to stay calm, which is what our pets really need at this time.

Recognising signs and symptoms during the last moments, which are the same for everyone,  allows us to see where along the process our beloved animal companion is. These external physical signs are also connected to internal experiences informing us what actions to take or not to take to best support them.

Many times I have seen pets being rushed to the vet by their loving parents during these final phases dying, whilst really what they needed in these sacred and precious moments, was a peaceful place to be, so they can focus on allowing the soul to leave the body.

In these  stages they are preparing to cross the veil  and remaining with our animal companion in peaceful presence, in a state of love is the most precious gift we can offer them.  

” What strikes the oyster shell, does not damage the pearl”.  


  • Are you afraid of making hasty decisions through fear of causing unnecessary pain?
  • Would you like to know more of what is truly happening so you can best support your pet?
  • Do you feel helpless during this time? 
  • Do fear and anxiety stop you from enjoying your last precious moments together?
  • Do you have a vision of your last moments together being profoundly bonding and loving but you don’t quite know how to get there?

By the end of this program you will:

  • Be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of each phase of the dying process
  • Be able to focus more on the love you have for your pet rather than be taken on a roller-coaster by your worrying thoughts 
  • Know what to do to support your pet and most importantly, what not to do
  • Be able  to support your pet in having  a more peaceful death 
  • See the possibilities you have after death
  • Be able to create the best physical, emotional and energetic environment to support the best possible transition to the afterlife

Who is this program for?

  • This program is for conscious pet parents who are ready to embrace a new way of staying with their pets until the end 
  • It’s for compassionate pet parents who want to learn how to hold the vibrations of love throughout the end-of-life journey
  • It’s for those who find it hard to set a time and a date for their pets passing, but they also do not want their pets to be in pain
  • It’s for those who are curious about allowing the intelligence that created us, to continue guiding us until the end of this life on Earth
  • It’s for loving pet parents that want to better know how to understand when the time is coming
  • It’s for those beautiful souls that want to do everything possible to keep the connection open to the other side

In this program you will get:

  • Video course
  • Access to recording – anytime and anywhere
  • Inspiring publications
  • Access to our Community on our Pet Wise Academy App, to get continued support from our Pet Wise family, even after the course



    • What can you do to help your dying pet
    • Presence & becoming the observer  
    • Loving yourself 
    • How to move through this journey 
    • Stages of dying
    • How to care
    • Creating a sacred space
    • Help from hospice care & friends & family
    • Permission to go
    • Active dying
    • Glimpses of the sacred
    • Vigil
    • The last breath: transforming into boundless love
    • After care
    • Wake
    • Ritual & Ceremony 


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