Walk Your Pet Home

Change the way you live your pet’s end-of-life journey

Walk Your Pet Home - Live Online Course

Transform the way you live your pet’s end-of-life journey in 6 weeks

An end-of-life journey starts long before our pet’s transition. It may start when we notice their first white hairs appearing on their beautiful faces, or after a diagnosis, but what changes everything is how you live it. If you are hoping for a peaceful end-of-life for both yourself and your pet, don’t wait until death comes knocking at your door: there is no better time to prepare than now. This is a sacred moment and one that if lived well, can change the way you both feel during this time and even after. 

This course helps you to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the end-of-life journey of your pet and is the first step into supporting your pet in a more conscious way.

” Be still prepared for death – and death or life shall therefore be  sweeter”.  

William Shakespeare

  • Are you second guessing what your pet really wants? 
  • Was your last goodbye so hard that you still feel stuck in constant grief?
  • Are you afraid of making hasty decisions through fear of causing unnecessary pain?
  • Do you feel helpless during this time? 
  • Do fear and anxiety stop you from enjoying your last precious moments together?
Walk Your Pet Home is a revolutionary course that will change how you approach life & death
  • It will give you the tools you need to be a fully conscious and compassionate guardian during the final stages of their life. 
  • It will show you how to know with certainty what your pet wants and empower you to make decisions that are right for you and your pet, even if you feel pushed in all directions. 
  • It will create the space and energy with which you can live your furry companion’s last moments with love and even happiness, deepening your bond as they transition from this life to the next.

By the end of this program you will:

  • Learn to accompany your pet on their end of life journey and why it matters for both you and your pet. 
  • Gain a newfound understanding for the mystery of death not as an ending but as a transition to a new beginning.
  • Be able to return the sacredness to your pet’s crossing, knowing you have done everything possible, with love and devotion. 
  • Know the value of fully supporting your pet until the end and how this can gift you with a deeper connection that continues to the beyond.
  • Understand that each end-of-life is as unique as our pets and ourselves and that there is no one-size-fits-all method.
  • Practice activities to better align your consciousness with the energies of transition.

Who is this program for?

  • This program is for conscious pet parents who know something is missing in how the end-of-life is lived today and are ready to embrace a new way.
  • It’s for compassionate pet parents who are interested in their pet’s perspective and want to learn how to hold the vibrations of love throughout the end-of-life journey. 
  • It’s for those who are open to the idea that inner transformation has an effect on our pet’s wellbeing. 
  • And it’s for vets, energy healers and all pet professionals that want to learn more on how to support their clients.  

The most precious smiles are those seen in the most difficult times. 

They come from those beings that are able to transform pain into love.

In this program you will get:

  • More than 14 hours in videos to watch at your own pace
  • 6 Live 90 minute online group Zoom sessions 
  • Live Q&A’s during each session 
  • Access to recordings of all live sessions through a web platform or mobile App – anytime and anywhere
  • Inspiring publications
  • Meditations
  • Access to our Community on our PetWise Academy App, to get continued support from our PetWise family, even after the course

Learn how to find peace during the end of life journey now

“True love stories never have endings”. Richard Bach

Topics covered in recorded videos


  • How this journey began
  • Expanding our awareness
  • How we approach the end-of-life today
  • Good Death – considerations on euthanasia & natural death
  • The power of a diagnosis
  • Change begins with us
  • Transforming fear into a guide
  • Tuning into love
  • Layers of life


  • Quality of life
  • Do animals know they are dying?
  • What pets really want
  • Time to go? 
  • Animal communication 
  • Can I help?
  • How animals cope with fear
  • How energy affects our pets


  • Physical pain
  • Our pain versus our pet’s pain
  • Pain as a messenger
  • The alchemy of pain
  • How pet’s cope with pain
  • Pain versus suffering
  • What I learned from the Buddhists


  • The power of a crisis
  • Life lessons as gifts
  • Releasing guilt 
  • Our fear of death
  • The unseen good side of death
  • Death denial


  • Lessons from Tao
  • The middle way
  • Going quantum
  • The dance 
  • A word on healing


  • Becoming alchemists
  • How to deal with others that are not on the same wavelength
  • Children witnessing death
  • On the road to change
  • Nobody can do it better than you

What people say

“Trixie passed peacefully away yesterday morning. The whole experience, whilst currently still very tender for me, was beyond beautiful and I want to give you a heartfelt thank you for allowing me to step up and accompany my beautiful girl home. Whilst there is grief at losing her physical presence which I am embracing, I am joyful at the thought of what we experienced together at the end. It was the most powerful and joyful experience of my life and I owe much of that to you, your wisdom and continual words of encouragement. A week on from the day that she chose to leave her body, I am doing so well. It is amazing to me just how calm and joyful I feel as opposed to the deep sense of grief and sometimes trauma that I have felt when previous animal companions have passed. I really don't feel any of that and her energetic presence is still so strong it is wonderful. Whilst I took her to her beautiful resting spot, I asked her for a sign, when she was ready. Literally as soon as I had said that, a car pulled onto the road in front of me with the strangest numberplate, "1 AM KAT". It was such a beautiful moment and one I am so thankful for". Quoting Amritbindu Upanishad: That in whom reside all beings and who resides in all beings, who is the giver of grace to all, the Supreme Soul of the universe, the limitless being -- I am that. (or in Trixie’s words … I am kat! ) Jane Machin - UK - Feline and canine wellness specialist and holistic behaviouralist

“ I want to say a huge thank you for creating and sharing such a beautiful course. Not only was it bursting with wonderful insights and teachings, it was also delivered with such grace and authenticity. For some while I have felt in my heart that there was a better way of accompanying our pets on their final journey and being around a group of open souls who have had the same thoughts was both humbling and empowering.” Jane Machin - UK - Feline and canine wellness specialist and holistic behaviouralist

“Walk your Pet Home is a profound teaching for anyone, whether you are a pet parent or not. In this course, Monique guided us on a journey to face the biggest fear that most of us have in this life - that of death, either our own death or that of a precious loved one. Armed with the background of knowledge she has attained through years of study across many disciplines, Monique guided us to a better understanding of ourselves, our beloved animals, and the process of life and death itself. She showed us how deeply our animals guide us on this journey, calling us to recognize the beauty of death in its natural cycle, and urging us gently to be open to its gifts. Monique shares her life's work and passion with us openly, and we are the better for it. As an Animal Reiki practitioner and teacher, I learned much from this course and recommend it without reservation to anyone who wants to go deeper and love their animal more fully on their journey home." Rose O'Connor, USA, Animal Reiki teacher

“Sully is my 12 year old soul puppy.  You might know what that means.  He has always been there for me. Now he's slowing down.  And he's not always there...not all the time anymore. I found myself already grieving.  But why?!!  He's still here!  That's where I was when I found Monique's Walk Your Pet Home course. I learned so much in these weeks. So much that has brought me peace of mind.  I learned that End of Life is a new phase in Sully's and my relationship.  I discovered that I was resisting death.  Which was causing me a lot of pain.  But this is only my perspective.  Not Sully's.  I learned that this is Sully's journey.  And being an animal, he's naturally remained close to nature and instinctively knows best.  Big sigh!!!  That takes so much pressure off me.  But I'm still in 'the Dance', as Monique calls it.  The consistent stream of small decisions.  How do I feel, what should I do?  Practicing being in the stillness so I can hear what Sully wants as I might be wanting one thing but he another.  And the dance of emotions.  Watching how he's changing and sometimes feeling sad, sometimes giggling at my Senior Puppy!! The big thing that really surprised me (but now it makes so much sense) is that my emotions affect him greatly.  Of course they do!  I know that I'm much more able to be present for Sully and when his journey comes to an end, I will honor him in the sacredness and beauty of a natural death. One thing you should know about Monique is that she has tremendous compassion for us humans, trying to do our best for our animals.  She's one of us! Yet, she's also studied death and dying and shares her knowledge openly.  I would definitely recommend taking this class to everyone who wants to give back to the animals that have devoted their lives to you. Now I am enjoying my days and moments with Sully.  They are so precious.” Marcy Dobberthien - USA

"A few weeks after my beloved cat Aramis (faithful companion for almost 18 years) left this planet, I attended a summit were Monique was giving a workshop. Losing my sweet Aramis was of course very difficult and I was rather confused about those mixed feelings (sadness and grief vs. peace, love and even “joy”) and it was also difficult for me because my relatives absolutely didn’t understand my choices and I felt so lonely, like a Martian on earth. Was I crazy ? Did it happen only in my imagination? During the summit, Monique shared about her work and knowledge about death. I felt I was no longer alone against the “science” or even the whole western world thinking. And I wanted to know even more to be able to live the end of life of my other animal companions in a more informed and prepared way. So when Monique launched her class I immediately signed up. And I was not disappointed! I really recommend it! This class will change the way you see death and the loss of a beloved animal companion, but it will also change the way you live your day-to-day with them. Don’t wait for their final days, prepare now for the moment we all fear, so you are able to live through it with more peace and presence! Last but not least, Monique is a wonderful being, a pure heart and soul, she radiates love and compassion. And it’s contagious ! 😉 Just by spending some time with her and you will feel joy, peace, love … only good vibes ! So, TO ALL ANIMAL LOVERS, guardians of furry or feathered beings who want to give back all the love and gifts your companions give you on a daily basis: this course is for you ! Don’t hesitate, just sign up, you will not be disappointed". Virginie Vrancx - Belgium - Project Manager & Animal Communicator

"Our beloved pets show us with so much unconditional love.  When they enter our lives we know, at some point, we will be faced with making end of life decisions on their behalf.   Monique's Walk Your Pet Home course provides an abundance of wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and community support.  I highly recommend this course for any pet parent seeking loving comfort and guidance during their pet's transitional journey". Yvonne Nicholson - USA

" I'm a mom of five beautiful cats - 4 on this plane of existence and one - my love Odin - on the other side. Odin is the one who connect me with Monique ! Monique's soul and her being became the main reason I decided to take part on this journey! Her heart is pure and with her love and compassion she was able to really understand how very hard it was for me to have lost my precious Odin. The greatest shift that occurred in me after taking this course, is how I now view and perceive the end of one's life and how it's a passage! I also learned how important it is to give back the power to our pets, because they are more connected and aware of their body and their journey, which we can only imagine. Thank you Monique for having helped me to find light and strength in a very dark and sad time. Thank you for helping me find my way back to my Odin, my King. And for supporting me in being the best possible human I can be for all of my loved ones, all of my beloved animals and Mother Earth." Patricia Dufour Québec Canada - Animal Communicator & Healer


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