Join me on the Animal Communicator & Healer Summit

Changing the way we approach our pet’s end of life journey

I am thrilled to be presenting at the Animal Communication & Healer Summit, with other amazing experts such as Penelope Smith and Linda Tellington Jones. I’m exited to be exploring the many benefits of changing the way we approach our pet’s end of life journey. Join me on April 28th and learn how to live though death with love. This would would be a wish fulfilled not only for us but for our animal companions too. 

When our animal companions no longer hold their head up, hold it up for them. When their breath becomes shorter, soothe them. And as they move closer to the light, don't turn it out, let it shine!

New online course

If you are interested in knowing more about how to approach the end of life with peace in your heart rather than fear, sign up for my  upcoming online course. I will send you more details as it’s ready.

Learn how to find peace during the end of life journey with my new online course
"Let their light shine on"

“True love stories never have endings”. Richard Bach