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App & new website

  • Pet Wise Academy is a space where you can find many experts that offer resources on animal communication, dog training, expansion of consciousness, many healing modalities and tons of support to be able to navigate the end-of-life of our beloved animal companions. 
  • You will find free content as well as paid content if you want to go deeper. You will find courses, articles, free Q&A’s, interviews and so much more. We are just at the beginning so new content is constantly been added. 
  • To make your experience a profound one, this is also a place where you can feel the warmth, understanding and support of a true family: our PetWise community!
  • To join this beautiful community as well as extra content, download the App. Once the App is installed, click on the main menu at the top left corner and then click on REGISTER/LOGIN and enjoy our welcome gift.
  • The Main Menu is your starting point for everything. Enjoy your exploration!
  • We are at the beginning but know that we will be adding new material regularly.
  • For a richer experience, make sure you allow notifications. If you have not allowed them after downloading the App, you can turn them back on in the settings. That way you’ll never miss new freebies, events or special offers.
  • Feel free to invite your friends to join too and know that each new member is adding rocket fuel to what this community can accomplish together. By learning, sharing and supporting each other, as our energies rise, we contribute to a more peaceful world for both our beloved animals and ourselves.